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Hi ! It’s looks like you’ve stumbled upon my personal website This is basically a landing page and isn’t really my home on the web. You might better know me from my business website where I design websites, sell domain names & host websites. I’m from east end Montreal and I’ve been creating websites and print designs since 2001, I love my work and wouldn’t change it for the world !

After having spent over a decade ( 89-99 ) in the music business plying my trade across this country and achieving a certain success, the digital media world inevitably crossed my path and enticed me to focus all of my artistic energy to something more conducive with my life at the time… So in 2001 I decided to return to school and enrolled at the International Academy of Design in Digital Multimedia Design. The transition from music to digital multimedia was seamless and I’ve never looked back since.

In 2006 I married my lovely wife Karine and enjoy my “married” life with all that “married” life involves… We now have two wonderful children Clara and Leo and three goldfish and a cat called ” Rosie ” and since last year a new addition to the family “Peanut” the wonderdog and we couldn’t be happier… I’m passionate about the Internet of things, Futebol & Travel as well as all things Multimedia. I love to meet people and definitely look forward to meeting you!!!

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